Active Duty Military Population

Last week we learned that there are 3.6 million members in our US Military but have you ever wondered what branches they serve in?  Get to know your customers…

Active Duty: Member Highlights
Service Branches

“Taking aim.” Army Spc. Paul M. Cattorn, a squad automatic weapon
machine gunner assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry
Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Task Force
Storm, provides security for Afghan National Security Forces. The Army has the largest number of Active Duty members (549,015) followed by the Air Force (328,847), the Navy (324,239), and the Marine Corps (203,075). There are also 42,426 Active Duty members of the DHS’s Coast Guard. At a total of 1,447,602 DoD Active Duty and DHS Coast Guard Service members, the military force of 2009 is 29.9 percent smaller than it was in 1990 (when there were 2,065,597 Active Duty members).

The percentage change in the number of DoD Active Duty members in each Service branch compared to 1990 has varied significantly. Compared to 1990, the Coast Guard and Marine Corps have increased 16.9 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively. Conversely, the number of Active Duty members is lower in 2009 compared to 1990 for the Army (24.6%), Navy (43.5%), and Air Force (38.1%).

Note that our Military Population is smaller since 9/11/01 and yet with such greater job demands.  What can you do today to thank a Military Member for their diligence?

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