How large is our Military Population?

Your customers live all around the world. They may be across the country now but moving to your area soon. They may be a part of the National Guard or Reserves and travel to your area on Drill or Reserve weekends.  They may be the next customer to walk through your door.  Do you know how large our US Military Force is? Get to know your customers…

The total number of military personnel is over 3.6 million strong, including DoD Active Duty military personnel (1,405,176); DHS’s Active Duty Coast Guard members (42,426); DoD Ready Reserve and DHS Coast Guard Reserve members (1,079,627); members of the Retired Reserve (220,645) and Standby Reserve (25,808), and DoD appropriated and nonappropriated-fund civilian personnel (882,674).

DoD’s Active Duty and DHS’s Coast Guard Active Duty members comprise the largest portion of the military force (39.6%), followed by Ready Reserve members (29.5%) and DoD civilian personnel (24.2%).

Source: 2009 Demographic Report as published by the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy).Posted byonWednesday, August 17, 2011Labels:,

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