A Reason to Go Back! Thank You Gazelle Sports!

Sifting through my mail I was shocked to find a post card from Gazelle Sports!

I just had a great experience with a business! I will be going back!

Thank You Card Received by the AuthorHow do you get your customers to return? How do your customers find you? Have you targeted the military community around your post, base, station, camp lately! Do they feel welcome? Appreciated?

First, I am a cancer survivor with a foot that has had two surgeries and a leg that had one surgery. Both have special requirements: shoes for the foot and bike type shorts for the leg. So one of my doctors recommended Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids and I took his recommendation. I felt appreciated and cared about at this company!

The customer service was fantastic with personal service and the sales personnel paid attention to detail, answered questions and did not hype sales of other products. But they did point out other products that might be helpful. Is your sales staff knowledgeable of your products? I was impressed with the help I received while fitting the shoes (bought two pairs) and the recommendations for a leg fitting pair of shorts was right on the money!

The military community recognizes that kind of service and will recommend you to other service members and their families! How do you treat them?

Do you make them feel special for serving? Thank them for their sacrifices? A little gesture goes a long way in earning their loyalty and recommendation. How are you reaching out to them? How about an upgraded ad with an image? Logo? Hot link to your website from MilitaryAvenue? Do you have a military welcome page on your website? Take a look at our inexpensive upgrades! The images add a “I care” attitude and the hot links bring them directly to you!

Sifting through my mail I was shocked to find a post card from Gazelle Sports! The sales person who took care of my needs sent me a card to say thank you for visiting. Wow! We also had to return one item due to my error and they quickly approved it (they had it listed in their computer as a purchase – that is really smart). YEP, I will be back many times! Isn’t that what you want to happen with your military customers?Posted byonMonday, August 01, 2011Labels:,,

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