What Does Your Ad Say to Military Consumers?

We have some great military supporters on MilitaryAvenue! In fact, our MilitaryAvenue Partners are the best! You are part of an elite group of business patriots! Congratulations!

Now the next step: What are you telling your military audience as a Partner? That you support them during wartime? That your ad demonstrates your willingness to recognize their sacrifice? Does it show you are professional, your service or product is worth spending their combat earned dollars on?

Let’s take a look at two ads. First is an example of an ad that needs more information to create interest. The second provides more information and will draw folks to read more and find out who you are and what you are providing.

There is space for your business profile, your contact information, credentials, number of years in business, certifications/affiliations, business hours, your website/phone number for the Military Reward coupon, the Military Reward coupon and more! Many ways for you to tell a military community member why they should contact you, visit you online or in your store! Think about how you choose a company to conduct business with and open the door to your military community.

We place your ad(s) in two places on the site at each military installation (in its category and in the Military Rewards area), place them on MilitaryAvenue’s Military Discounts Facebook, Tweet them on twitter accounts and send out a monthly email (Alerts) to followers at your installation(s). We are reaching out with your message! What it says is up to you!  Here is a second ad, please compare it for its marketing appeal and information for our readers/followers:

The profile is filled, you know where they serve and the information has obviously been well thought out and presented.  Notice how they reach out to the military community with their comment “We are eager to serve our Military neighbors…” They also have their logo on their ad for visual appeal!

Would you like to read more on how to edit your ad?  Please go to our Welcome page for specific directions on how to edit!

PS:  Please join us at Businesses That Support Our Troops on Facebook. It is a group forum that allows you to connect, find out new ideas (like these) from other businesses that are making it with the military community and much more! We just started, be among the initial members to join.

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