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I just read an interesting article on SocialMediaToday that I know is quite appropriate for our Business Partners.

On average, Facebook Pages that show posts via a third party app such as HootSuite or TweetDeck, as opposed to linking the old fashioned manual way, receive 70% fewer likes and comments.   Linking to your Facebook Page via auto post is a very common and time saving practice and while I have dabbled in it, for the most part I stay clear from it for the simple reason of posting via an auto post just doesn’t look as good or as appealing as doing it manually – posting a link directly from your Facebook Page.

Facebook Autoposting – A Social Media No-No

We have found that third-party apps like TwitterFeed are great for Twitter.  Automatic posting makes it very easy to share our latest articles, blogs and even military discounts!  Our followers enjoy retweeting them and our readership grows.  However, Facebook is a much more personal experience and we at MilitaryAvenue have always steered clear of automatic posting.  Instead, we pick a few key articles, an empowering quote for the day, and a general question to engage our military-families. 

As for the articles we elect to share, we select a photo to catch our readers’ attention and add a comment as to why this article is relevant to them, the military family.  Our user experience is much more engaging this way.  As a small business owner you too have to find the balance of ‘too much information’ (which often comes with auto-posting) for your followers as opposed to falling off their radar with not enough posts.  You want to share the right amount of engagement, making your business a trusted resource.

Find your balance, share the posts relevant to your fans, and you will be on your way to being a valued resource to your customers.  Best of luck!

– Leanne from

By the way, if your business does have a Facebook presense be sure to pop over to our MilitaryDiscounts page an introduce yourself: post new and updated discounts to our Facebook Friends at Military Discounts (over a thousand growing very fast) and love the interaction from our Business Partners as well.  What a great opportunity to engage with potential new customers!Posted byonFriday, September 23, 2011Labels:,

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