New Years Resolution for Your Business

It will soon be a new year and as a business owner I'm sure you are thinking through business plans and how you plan on growing profits during 2012.  When you have a passion for the work you do of course you want to let other's know about it.  We know about that at!

First and foremost, if you are not a MilitaryAvenue Partner yet, why not?  You can create a free ad to get the word out to area military-families.  Get started right now:

But you can take it another step.  With a paid ad you gain much more exposure and it can be dollars well spent!  First Class Packages are as little as $5 a month (paid for a year upfront) and puts your ad on top of all the free ads at your military base or post page.  Generals Packages and Featured Partner's Packages step it up a notch and then some.  You can see examples and read details at the bottom of our List With Us page.  It is money well invested into your businesses.

Do you want to see your business throughout your local installation at  Featured Partners and Base Sponsors get their face in front of more military families!  Featured Partners have a 198x123 banner that is rotated throughout their sponsored installation and Base Sponsors are displayed prominently on every page of their post or base.  There are great examples and details at our List With Us page.  A little money up front can yield a great return!

We also recently announced National Marketing options.  (Marketing to the Military - Nationwide Advertising Opportunities)  Banner ads, Tweets, Facebook Sponsorship and so much more!  Don't miss these opportunities if you have a broader audience then just around your base or post.

Do you have a network of businesses you could share MilitaryAvenue with?  A wedding planner could share us with photographers and caterers; an apartment complex could share us with moving companies and storage units; a restaurant could share us with other small businesses in their network, in their town, on their street.  Help promote small-business development in your town.  Tell others about

We hope you have a great New Year in 2012!  With a little planning, a bit of budgeting and introducing yourself to the military community we know you can prosper.

Military Dates to Remember 2012

The New Year is almost here and we promised to provide updates for our 2012 Military Dates to Remember!  Here is the first six months and we will update as the calendar continues to roll!
Your military community will appreciate your knowledge of their events.  Show your appreciation with marketing efforts, simple "thank yous" from your sales staff and patriotic window displays or website images/pages.  Don't forget your social media efforts too!  Nothing like a mention on Facebook or twitter to draw friends, likes and shares!  Do you keep up with MilitaryAvenue on Facebook or Twitter?  How about our Military Discount Facebook page?  We welcome your comments as a partner on Facebook too! A great way to make others aware of your military support! 


1st New Years Day

16th Martin Luther King Jr Birthday Observance

31st US Launches first satellite in 1958


1st National Freedom Day

2nd Ground Hog Day

14th Valentines Day - Did you know?  If you know someone in the military you can send them a Valentine's Message via The Stars & Stripes.

20th Presidents' Day


11th Daylight Savings

19th  Operation Iraqi Freedom begins - 2003

20th First Day of Spring


Month of the Military Child!

Celebrate Military Children - Nothing more important than the children of our serving military personnel! Recognition of their sacrifice is a great way to say thank you!

6th Good Friday

8th Easter

12th First Space Shuttle Launch

27th Arbor Day - Plant a tree for the Earth!

30th End of Vietnam War in 1975


MilAve_Deborah busy supporting
other military spouses!

National Military Family Appreciation Month 
A great opportunity to recognize military families!

2nd 2011 Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden killed by US Navy Seals

11th Military Spouse Appreciation Day (the Friday before Mother's Day) - Some great ideas on how to reach out to Military Spouses on their day! "101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse"

13th Mother's Day

19th Armed Forces Day (Third Saturday in May)

28th Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)


June 14th Flag Day - Fly it Proudly

June 14th US Army Birthday

Thank you for the great support to your military community! Please pass on these dates to business organizations such as your chamber of commerce to insure that they are appropriately recognized! One other quick recommendation is to not just have a sale on days like Veterans Day but include a military discount or some recognition such as a small token of appreciation daily, weekly or monthly! Recognize those serving or who have served in some manner! Be military friendly and the word will spread rapidly! Some great ideas in Tips: Your Military Rewards and How to Win the Hearts of the Military Community

Are you aware of a local event that the military community needs to know about? You can place it directly on MilitaryAvenue! Go to the installation home page in your area and go to the Upcoming Local Events at the bottom center of the page and click on the Let Us Know to tell us about it! We will review and quickly post!

Marketing to the Military - Nationwide Advertising Opportunities

At MilitaryAvenue we pride ourselves in helping local military-families find local businesses that support them.  There are unscrupulous businesses out there that are ready to take advantage of the 'new in town folks'.  However, our Partners have affirmed our core values, Trust, Value and ServiceWe know that you will be there for our military families, welcoming them to your neighborhood.

A MilitaryAvenue Partner can have a free ad on at their local installation if they offer a military-discount.  This is our way of saying 'Thank you!' for giving from your bottom-line back to those who serve.  There are other opportunities too: First Class, General and Featured Partner Packages.  (Learn more: MilitaryAvenue Partners: You too can be a General)   You can even be the exclusive base sponsor, A Market that Rewards the 'Sponsors'. All of these opportunities will put you at the heart of your local military installation.

We also know there are times when businesses want to reach out nationally and we want to give you that opportunity.

Note: We offer a percentage discount for each extra-month you pay for up front. As an example, if you pay for six months up front we will offer a 6% discount on the total cost of advertising. If you want to take advantage of this offer contact us at or so that we can create a package tailored to your needs.

Newsletter Ad:
Each month we send our newsletter out to our Military Family subscribers.  The average subscriber is an Active Duty Family between the ages of 28 and 37.  What a great demographic for your business!  We can place an image (160 x 600 pixels) in our monthly e-publication for $400.  Grab US military-families' attention from around the world for as little as 3-cents per newsletter.
Enter Newsletter Ad to purchase

Facebook Sponsorship:
We will mention your company with your message for $40 on our MilitaryAvenue page ( and Military Discount page as well as on Twitter at @MilitaryAvenue.  We want to keep our military families engaged and so this is a rare-opportunity.  Here is an example of a Facebook Sponsorship in the past:
Enter Facebook Sponsor Ad to purchase

Blog sponsorship:
Place a banner ad on "Our Letters to You", a military family blog, on the right side above our index of blog-posts,  This option would be $100 for one month (Image 160 x 600 pixels).  Your banner may rotate with up to 4 other banners.  Historically, this is approximately five-cents per page view if you are sharing rotation-space, and as our readership grows your cost-per-page view decreases.
Enter Blog Sponsor Ad to purchase

Military Alerts - Local Military Discounts sent directly to our military families:
Once a month we publish Military Alerts to our subscribed Military Families. This monthly email is full of local military discounts but has the opportunity for up to three nationwide banners (250 x 60 pixels).  At only $300 per month this opportunity is approximatly two-cents per email.
Enter Alerts Banner to purchase

advertising rates as of 12/7/2011

We can also accept checks for these advertising opportunites.  Please contact us at or if you would like to make payment that way.

Our network trusts us to bring them trustworthy support.  All advertisement must be approved by  We reserve the right to refust any advertisement that we are not personally comfortable recommending to our military-families.

Thank you for being a part of  We look forward to introducing you to our military-families.  You may also take a look at our media kit for some more information:

Quick Summary:
prices as of 12/7/11 and subject to change
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