New Years Resolution for Your Business

It will soon be a new year and as a business owner I’m sure you are thinking through business plans and how you plan on growing profits during 2012.  When you have a passion for the work you do of course you want to let other’s know about it.  We know about that at!

First and foremost, if you are not a MilitaryAvenue Partner yet, why not?  You can create a free ad to get the word out to area military-families.  Get started right now:

But you can take it another step.  With a paid ad you gain much more exposure and it can be dollars well spent!  First Class Packages are as little as $5 a month (paid for a year upfront) and puts your ad on top of all the free ads at your military base or post page.  Generals Packages and Featured Partner’s Packages step it up a notch and then some.  You can see examples and read details at the bottom of our List With Us page.  It is money well invested into your businesses.

Do you want to see your business throughout your local installation at  Featured Partners and Base Sponsors get their face in front of more military families!  Featured Partners have a 198×123 banner that is rotated throughout their sponsored installation and Base Sponsors are displayed prominently on every page of their post or base.  There are great examples and details at our List With Us page.  A little money up front can yield a great return!

We also recently announced National Marketing options.  (Marketing to the Military – Nationwide Advertising Opportunities)  Banner ads, Tweets, Facebook Sponsorship and so much more!  Don’t miss these opportunities if you have a broader audience then just around your base or post.

Do you have a network of businesses you could share MilitaryAvenue with?  A wedding planner could share us with photographers and caterers; an apartment complex could share us with moving companies and storage units; a restaurant could share us with other small businesses in their network, in their town, on their street.  Help promote small-business development in your town.  Tell others about

We hope you have a great New Year in 2012!  With a little planning, a bit of budgeting and introducing yourself to the military community we know you can prosper.Posted byUnknownonWednesday, December 28, 2011

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