Small Businesses Support for our Military

Small Businesses are to America's Backbone as Military Service-members are to America's Defenders.

Word of mouth is so important in any business venture, including getting the word about your military-discount, your support for military families, your desire to support the military community.

Have you told businesses around you, your colleagues or the store-front next door about how they can get the word out?  Tell them to become a MilitaryAvenue Partner today.  (It is free when they offer a Military Discount to others.)  We have new Military Families signing up EVERY DAY to receive our monthly Military Alerts, military-personnel becoming fans of Military Discounts, families in your community dropping by the 'Rewards Tab' at their local installation to learn about the companies that want their business.

Another quick note, I ran across Tents for Troops today: 
As a very small way of saying "Thank You" for all of the hard work and sacrifices men and women in the military make, campgrounds and RV parks around the nation would like to offer free camping for active military. Please visit our Camp Locations page to find a participating park near where you wish to spend some R & R. Active military will be required to present active military I.D. at the time of check in. The offer is for active military and members of their immediate family only. Please call the park directly for reservations. Reservations are required.

If you know a local Campground or RV Park that wants to go out of their way to help a military-family get reacquainted with each other, by taking a weekend or couple days during the week to go camping, first tell them about and then tell them to sign up at Tents for Troops.  Let's help spread the word about how the small businesses, America's Backbone, support the military community, America's Defenders.

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We want you to upgrade your ad – FOR FREE

Yes, we do! We want you to upgrade your ad – For Free

1.  An image says a lot and creates interest in your ad!

2.  A hot link to your website or Facebook page from your MilitaryAvenue ad brings military customers direct to you!

3.  A higher placement on the page means more attention, more opportunities for the military community to see your ad(s)!

All of these are true facts and you can have them for free for one year on! 

How? Introduce us to your business friends! Send them to Advertise with Us

Tell a business about When they place an ad on we will upgrade your ad for free!

National Military Appreciation Month and Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Happy May Day! Are you ready for it? May, that is. So many activities begin this month for the summer! Warmer weather arrives in much of the country and we head outside to work, play, travel and celebrate. Two of the best known celebrations this month are Memorial Day (May 28th) and Armed Forces Day (May 19th).

Gaining quickly in national recognition and deservedly so, are Military Spouse Appreciation Day and National Military Appreciation Month which is the entire month of May! As a business interested in marketing to the military you should be announcing these events and sharing with your military customers that you do appreciate them!  One example of a corporate program to recognize the military community is Chevrolet who just announced a special military "Honor" badge program for National Military Appreciation Month: 

Child Care and the Military Family

Did you know there are approximately 1.9 million military children, ranging in ages from newborn to 18 years old? and More than 700,000 children have experienced the deployment of one or more parents since 2001.*

As a child care provider you are at the forefront of supporting these military children and their families.  You can be the stability these children need.  There is help available for you!

Penn State Extension, Childcare and Youth Training and Technical Assistance Program,  has a list of resources featuring research-based information, resources, and professional development for childcare professionals serving military connected families.

Military Families Learning Network concentrates on the interests and needs of child care providers who serve military families. Here you can discover, share, and discuss resources and collaborate on issues that arise as you provide care and education for young children with parents in the military.

This 3-piece set, Honoring Our Babies & Toddlers, from Zero to Three, is designed for professionals and military parents, provides methods to support young children affected by stress, trauma, grief, and loss due to a military parent’s deployment, injury, or death.

One more idea check out these free "Salute the Kids" coloring pages for military children.  "Sit with your children as they color, talk to them about the drawings, help them express their emotions and urge them to add their own creative touches, making the drawings into their very own art."

Keep your eyes on MilitaryAvenue's "Ways to Support the Military Children" for new resources that you can use to care for our children as well as ideas to share with the families you hold dear.  You hold these resilient, loyal, strong children close to your heart.  So do we.

If you are not a MilitaryAvenue Partner Program Participant SIGN-UP today.  If you offer a military-discount to our military families you can have a free ad.  We would love to help you spread the word to military-families about the service and care you want to provide to them:

Additional Resources from and the DoD Community:

  • Child Care Centers - Helping Children Solve Problems
  • Parenting Needs - Teaching Children the Financial Facts of Life
  • Parenting Needs - TRICARE Extends Autism Demonstration
  • K - 12 - A Website for Military Youth
  • K - 12 - Children Staying Home Alone
  • K - 12 - Compact Eases School Transitions for Military Children
  • K - 12 - Helping Children Struggling with a Pending Deployment
  • K - 12 - Keep in Touch after a PCS
  • K - 12 - Military Kids Connect
  • K - 12 - Month of the Military Child: Military Kids, Heroes for the Future
  • K - 12 - Moving Tools: School Report
  • K - 12 - Researching a New School Before a PCS
  • K - 12 - Returning Home from a Deployment for Single Parents
  • K - 12 - Staying Connected During Deployment
  • K - 12 - When to Keep Sick Children Home from School

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    * Source: Month of the Military Child: Saluting Our Military Children

    Build Sports Fans on

    Stepping out in sports should be a natural thought, make it happen. Put a Base Sponsorship front and center on installations where military members live and spread the word about the joy of the sport. 
    A love for sports is planted and nurtured.

    Families love playing baseball, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and tennis on! Military families love liveliness and that is what you are offering to them: the information about your sports facilities, teams and pride.

    We know military folks are moving to new areas of the country, perhaps for the third time in 5 years. Allegiances are built, tweaked and are necessary to hold on to the flavor of the new community: enter sports.

    Welcome home Dad!
    Picture Mom or Dad coming home from a long deployment wanting to get out with their children, reunite, cheer for the good guys, hoot holler and laugh. Hallelujah hockey! Bring on baseball! Kick it up for soccer!
    Share your team's marketing address and program. This would spread the word, spread the zeal and put some slap happy hockey sticks on military kids' dream gift list. Ball caps with insignia can mark a place as home.

    Did I see my team on
    By the way, military children are referred to as Brats... not as a demeaning term, far from it. The symbol of a military brat is a dandelion... a mighty wind will take them to more places than the norm! They grow where planted and stand tall. As a strand of the blossom floats and lands in new territory, the strand has to work to put down a root. Put your sport in the heart of it all!  Blaze the trail for your affiliate information on on each page of the installation closest to you. Bring in the families. They are there ready to cheer your actions, get them in your game! Watch the fervor spread.

    Advertise with us. Easy to jump on the avenue and build relationships with military families. Show your pride!

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    Is Your Business Reaching Out to Military Children on Friday April 13th?

    It could be this simple! Saying thank you to a military child - maybe they are wearing purple this Friday, April 13th?  Are you able to wear purple? A ribbon, a t-shirt, any means to show recognition.

    Put a face to the military child!  You and your sales staff should recognize them with smiles and a big thank you directly to the child.  

    Think how the parent(s) will appreciate your efforts!  April is Month of the Military Child. Take the time and make the effort to recognize these little patriots!

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    Month of the Military Child and your recognition

    April, the month of the military-child, will be here before we know it. is prepared to recognize these resilient, strong, and ready to serve children.  But we need your help! will be having a sweepstakes of prizes for our military-families all month and we would invite you to participate.  With your gift (valued over $20, see below for ideas) we will upgrade your MilitaryAvenue Partner Ad to a General's Package for six months.  This is over a $100 value.  What a great win-win situation. You recognize the military-family and we will make sure you are recognized in your military-community!

    What kind of things make great gifts for our military families for an online giveaway?
    • Gift cards to national retailers, like Target, Amazon, WalMart
    • Gift cards to your own online store, especially if it is child-friendly
    • Items from your inventory or something you can provide that you can ship to a military family around the world. 
    • A Gift card to a local-store is not an acceptable gift since our winners will be from around the globe.
    If you would like to participate, first of all Thank you!  Thank you for recognizing the sacrifices our military-children make.  Secondly, send an email to indicating what you would like to give to a deserving military-family.  If your offer is accepted we will let you know where to ship your gift and your business card or pamphlet to be included with the gift.

    Other notes:
    * If you already own a General's Package we will upgrade your package to a Featured Partner. Current Featured Partners can take $120 off their renewal.
    * Do you have more then one Partner Ad? The offer for a free upgrade applies to one of your ads.

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    Is Your Military Discount up to date?

    Attention Attention Attention
    Attention to the Details ...

    Every day we share the best of your military-discounts on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

    On the first of every month MilitaryAvenue Alerts is published to thousands of members of the military community around the country with your ad shared with your community.

    Your ad is visible to the Military Community on at your base or post 24/7.

    These are service-members and spouses, the decision makers, that are interested in the latest & most up to date military-discount and -incentive in their area, your area!

    Do you keep your MilitaryAvenue ad up to date? Your ad should not be stagnant, just like a business-marketing plan isn't stagnant; otherwise it will not grow.  April is Month of the Military Child. May is Month of the Military Family. The Friday before Mother's Day is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  Memorial Day is a day of Remembrance. June starts the PCS season.  July is a great time to appreciate the freedoms our military have fought so hard to keep.  As the calendar changes so does the opportunity to update your ad. Do more then just leave a stagnant message.  Let them know your company cares, is current and wants to be part of their community.

    The most up to date ads are listed first in the Alerts email that is sent out each month.  The most up to date ads are more likely to be featured on Military Discounts at Facebook.  The most up to date ads are featured on our home page!

    A great action-item to add to your electronic-calendar is a monthly-recurrence: "Update my ad on MilitaryAvenue".
    Questions to ask yourself each month:
    • Has my physical-address changed?
    • Has my email changed?
    • Is my phone number up to date?
    • Does my business profile convey my professionalism and desire to meet my military-families needs? (You have 500 characters in your coupon and 1,000 characters in your Business Profile. The First Class package and higher have even more points-of-impact!)
    • With a First-Class ad or above you can have a picture. Is your photo up to date?
    • Consider having a standard Military-Discount but then adding something special for that month. Need some ideas?
    We want to help you reach the military-community! Be sure to put your best foot forward for them.

    - The team

    PS: Do you want to receive monthly-Military Alerts also? Sign-up here: (This is different then your Business Partner Account!) Be sure to select your nearest-installation when creating your user profile so that we know which 'Alerts' to send your way!

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    Marketing to the Military on Pinterest

    Have you heard of the latest social media blockbuster Pinterest?  Has your brand, your business joined in on the fun?  MilitaryAvenue has, and it is proving to be a great venue to reach out to our Military Families, particularly military-wives.  We have resources from PCSing (moving) to Financial Readiness to Everyday Military Life, even a board for Military Discounts.

    What I wanted to let you know, our Military Partners and other marketing professionals is we have created a board just for you:

    Click on the image to head over to Pinterest.  Once you are there click on any of the images you want to read more about.  It will take you to a link with more information.

    By the way, there are lots of businesses out there with a Pinterest presence.  Perhaps yours should be next?  Be sure to follow us so that you can share resources with your military community as well.

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