Build Sports Fans on

Stepping out in sports should be a natural thought, make it happen. Put a Base Sponsorship front and center on installations where military members live and spread the word about the joy of the sport. 
A love for sports is planted and nurtured.
Families love playing baseball, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and tennis on! Military families love liveliness and that is what you are offering to them: the information about your sports facilities, teams and pride.

We know military folks are moving to new areas of the country, perhaps for the third time in 5 years. Allegiances are built, tweaked and are necessary to hold on to the flavor of the new community: enter sports.

Welcome home Dad!Picture Mom or Dad coming home from a long deployment wanting to get out with their children, reunite, cheer for the good guys, hoot holler and laugh. Hallelujah hockey! Bring on baseball! Kick it up for soccer!
Share your team’s marketing address and program. This would spread the word, spread the zeal and put some slap happy hockey sticks on military kids’ dream gift list. Ball caps with insignia can mark a place as home.

Did I see my team on the way, military children are referred to as Brats… not as a demeaning term, far from it. The symbol of a military brat is a dandelion… a mighty wind will take them to more places than the norm! They grow where planted and stand tall. As a strand of the blossom floats and lands in new territory, the strand has to work to put down a root. Put your sport in the heart of it all!  Blaze the trail for your affiliate information on on each page of the installation closest to you. Bring in the families. They are there ready to cheer your actions, get them in your game! Watch the fervor spread.

Advertise with us. Easy to jump on the avenue and build relationships with military families. Show your pride!

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