What is a MilitaryAvenue Partner

Become a Partner today! It is free and a great way to gain new customers: Partner Program (MAPP)
Connecting Local Businesses With
The Local Military Community

The Partner Program (MAPP) drives local military sales in two powerful ways.

  1. Through MilitaryAvenue’s direct targeted niche advertising offerings
  2. Educating business owners on the unique challenges facing the military community so they can “outserve” their competition

All MAPP partners receive the following:

  • Free and upgraded business listings on the Web’s Largest Local Military Friendly Business Directory.
  • Military themed web page and printable discount coupon to promote and track your military traffic
  • Military Reward™ window sticker to attract military foot traffic (please request)
  • Subscription to MilitaryAvenue’s monthly e-newsletter
  • An invitation to stay up to date with Marketing to The Military, written with you in mind.
  •’s ALERTS Program an email to all our Military Subscribers with your military rewards and discounts every month.  Click here for the full press release.

Chief Goal of MAPP: To provide the military with a directory of local, military-friendly businesses that can be trusted and relied upon, in all areas of business at 250+ military installations across the US.
Values we look for in our MAPP partners:

  • Trust
  • Value
  • Service

Become a Partner today! Get to know your Military Community:

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