How to Upgrade Your Current MilitaryAvenue Ad

So you have decided to get your name (and banner!) out to the military community.  You have a current ad but you aren’t sure how to upgrade to a Featured Partner Ad.  Here are the easy steps (with photos, even):

Click on to log in:

 Enter your User Name and Password.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page of listings you have created and Click on Featured Partner Generals Plus.

You may want to open your current ad in a new window so that you can cut and paste your information.  You are creating a new ad and after you click on Featured Partner Generals Plus (as shown above) you will see your new options in the middle of the screen.  You also need to fill out your business information and military discount before you can continue.

Finally, after you are done creating your ad, click on Continue.  Here you will type in your promotion code, BANNER and then click apply. Do you see your savings?  $300!  What a deal!

It may be a little effort but it will go a long way to getting your face out to the military and families.

Thank you for being a MilitaryAvenue Partner and for supporting our military community.